Sea Treats

At Sea Treats, they produce premium quality, highly nutritious fish-based treats for your much loved pets, using fish ingredients sourced and manufactured exclusively in the UK, and with traceability and sustainability at the top of our priorities.

Based right at the heart of the UK’s premier award winning Grimsby Seafood Village, they have two factory facilities manufacturing the best quality fish-based treats. Both facilities are UK government approved with processes in place to UK approved standards.

they comply with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) traceability standards, which ensures full traceability of our products throughout the supply chain. From there fresh, daily sourced raw materials to the treat you give your pet, we are able to trace the date and time of manufacture and the quality records for the processing, right back to the raw materials used. tThey only work with responsible suppliers who have full traceability of our raw materials, right back to the vessel the fish came from!

Their commitment to sourcing high quality fish from well regulated, sustainable fisheries has earned Sea Treats the world’s first Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification in the dog treat industry, an accreditation they are very proud of! Their Sea Treats fish ingredients are guaranteed to be sourced exclusively from MSC certified sustainable fisheries. You can feed your pet premium quality, natural fish-based treats they will love, safe in the knowledge that the fish has come from an independently verified sustainable source.